The following privacy policy explains how "" gathers information i.e. provided by our clients. We will keep changing these policies from time to time so keep updating yourself.

1. In general, we save all the data provided to us by you so that we can use it for further verification. We also collect certain information from the machine you’re using. We use the given details to provide you the products and services you request. This collection of information is to customize your experience with our website.

2. We are committed to providing you with relevant content and information across our website. We collect information about your travel-related searches and serve you ads by service providers. Sharing of any information with the third party is extremely prohibited by us.

3. We do not have any control over cookies. The details that the third party collects are not covered under this privacy policy. You can also opt out of these cookies. You can stop the appearanceof cookies in web site’s privacy settings.

4. Our website has security measures to protect losses, misuses, and alteration of information. “ ” regularly goes through all the policies so that you don’t face any issue using this site. Occasionally our service provider may use your information for the investigation of any frauds.

If you have any queries about our privacy policies, you can contact us at +1888-824-0066.